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JSC Innovation Freelance Virtual Assistance Services

Project Manager / Owner

JSC INNOVATION Freelance Virtual Assistance Services is your one stop Freelance Virtual Assistance Services and digital solution provider.  We offer and specializing in personal virtual assistance services to brands  and businesses.   Our vision is to  provide a virtual business management and support services to established business owners globally by maintaining excellent service.

We are an online freelancers, we are thinking of our clients when dealing with the services they do require us to accomplish.  

JSC INNOVATION knows how to leverage the company’s presence through our services.

1.  Services -  where we assist brands and business all types

of virtual assistance needs and services.


a.  Personal Virtual Assistance Services

b.  Branding Setup and Marketing Startup

c.   Social Media Management and Marketing

d.  Social Media  Accounts and creation and optimization

e.  SEO On-page and Off-page Optimization

f.  Website creation

2.  Academy - where we provide necessary learning how to become a virtual assistant service provider though our online course.


3.  Digital Solution - where we provide business owners of  their  software and digital solution (CrispLinks) requirements through our partners.

4.  Product Distributor -  Where we provide products through our partners.



JSC Innovation is a one stop freelance virtual assistance service provider of which website domain is https://www.nexttrendstore.com/  We are here to serve you, and we would like to introduce to you our world  in the  freelancing services. 


We set our feet into the higher ground in doing our task and we exists to innovate for greater service!

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    We EXISTS to


    Set your feet in the JSC Innovation Freelancing world!  

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